Why you need a new website

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a New Website

When thinking about making “digital” a real part of your business, you just can’t go without a freshly developed trendy website. It’ll be the centerpiece of your digital strategy, which brings it all together. It will help you grow your business and raise your image. The trendy website will also be your competitive advantage.

We guess you know the popular quote about cheese, wine, and friends – the older, the better. Unfortunately, this is not the case with your website. If you haven’t been convinced in refreshing your website yet, here are our 5 reasons to do so.

1. Your website looks out of date and offers poor UX on the go

The mobile digital media is taking over and mobile users now are more than those on desktop computers. If your desktop website looks like something written in word and uploaded on the Internet, it’s likely that it doesn’t look very good on a mobile device too. If this is the case, you probably have an even bigger problem. Apparently not only does your web page look outdated, but it’s totally user unfriendly for mobile users. A difficult-to-navigate website won’t meet users’ expectations and undoubtedly, this would lead to losing potential business.

Even if your current page uses a responsive theme and adjusts properly when viewed on touch screen devices like smart phones and tablets, the chances are there are improvements that can be made. Marketers know a lot more about how users interact with responsive websites than a couple of years back. Now it’s the perfect time for your new website in order to deliver a great user experience to all your clients no matter the devices they’re browsing on.

2. The content on your web page doesn’t suit your business

There was a time when the website was company’s business card. It represented comprehensive information about the firm and its team, office, and awards. This has significantly changed. Your website is not about your company anymore, but about your client. Nobody is interested when your company was founded. Users want to know how exactly you can help them.

We can hardly imagine something worse than having a good offering, but not communicating it in a proper way. Isn’t it a pity when client searches for something you can perfectly deliver, but they just can’t find it on your website?! Or your messages don’t reflect your current business and the client gets distracted from the tons of facts and information you have randomly stuffed your website with.

Pair up awesome design with great content and you’ll be on the right way. A website redesign is also the perfect time for new key messages and rich content which resonate with your target audience and your competencies.

3. The management of the website is a little nightmare

Speaking about digital media, content is definitely the king. Thus, your web page should not appear stagnant, as the days of static websites are long gone. The content needs to continuously evolve in order to make it interesting and catchy for the users. Yes, we know that even simple website edits can be too expensive when made by programmers. This is why having a website that makes it super-easy for you to effortlessly add new content at any time is essential.

A good solution to this challenge is the Content Management Systems. They allow almost anyone to easily manage a website and add new pages, texts, videos or photos on their website. In this way business owners, marketers, and other company staff can maintain the corporate web page entirely on their own.

4. Your ranking is low

You’re typing, again and again, certain keywords in Google, but your web page is not among the top results… Yes, this is a big one and you’re missing traffic, leads and maybe even business. Luckily, a lot could be done. Search engine optimization is a separate science on its own, but it goes hand in hand with the efficient website and great content.

If your website is considerably outdated, its fundamental components of SEO might be missing or can be insufficient in the fight for the top places in the Google results. A new and optimized for the search engines website could cause a noticeable shift in your rankings. As already mentioned, the possibility for easy changes in the copy when made properly would also raise the ranking of the web page in the search results. Check here if your current website fulfills our top tips for SEO in the development phase.

5. Your website uses Flash

This is the ultimate red flag sign. If your web page still uses flash or even worse – if it’s built with flash, you should abandon it at the very moment. Flash is no longer compatible with the latest website browsers and mobile devices either. When used on the website, it’s also slow to load, not working for SEO, has poor usability, and is hard to navigate. Even Adobe, the creator of Flash, doesn’t use it on their website. If you still keep it, your visitors will be taken to a page that requires a flash player, and probably will shut your site down because they cannot access it.

If you feel now that your website needs a complete makeover, you can contact us for a free consultation. We’ll inspect your current page and tell you what should be done in order to achieve the goals you have set for your business. Of course, we’ll be happy to support you in the transformation of your ultimate digital weapon – your own website.

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