7 Steps to Run an Efficient Email Marketing Campaign

Every day billions of emails are trying to attract the attention of customers. How to create a successful email marketing campaign? Why our email marketing strategy works or does not? All marketers are targeting at a higher rate of engagement, leads, and sales. And at the end – at one and the same clients.

Running an email marketing campaign is worth doing since emails are widely used. They’re the perfect tool for building a customer relationship.

Setting the Objectives

Every well-designed marketing campaign starts with setting the objectives. What we want to achieve is important to define resources and content.

    • Attracting new subscribers; gaining their attention to your business; building relationship with them
    • Creating engagement of subscribers to your business
    • Re-activating subscribers who have forgotten your business
    • Trying to convert current subscribers into customers who are coming back for more


Types of Email

It is important to understand what kind of email types exist:

      • Promotional emails – these are promotional offers, sales, etc.
      • Emails that create relationships. These emails provide the subscriber with a benefit. It could be information on topic of interest, news releases, discount coupons or gifts.
      • Transaction emails – subscriber signup confirmations, purchase confirmation




Know Your Audience

Email marketing campaign requires knowing well your target audience. What would they like? How the message and design will affect them and urge an immediate required reaction. There are two valuable sources from which you can gain data about it:

        • Google Analytics
        • Facebook Insights

These sources give data about demographics, location, interests and much more.


Technology is important

        • Technological solutions automate the sending of email to a big database. Furthermore, the email will look nice thanks to the templates that the tools offer
        • Providing in-depth analytics of target audience




Optin Forms

Create attractive Optin Forms:

          • Welcome gates, which appear when people arrive on your site.
          • Lightbox popups that appear on pages and could temporarily blank out the rest of the page. Bear in mind that such kind of tools can easily become irritating to the users, so be careful.
          • Exit-intent popups, which appear when people are about to leave the site.

Your choice depends on your objectives and message content.




Subject Line and Copy Matter

Some say that the most important part of email marketing campaign is the subject line. It is absolutely crucial for making people open and read your message.

          • Telling people what is their main benefit in reading this email is the key to success. It does not matter whether your target audience is business or consumer. Both targets are led by their interest.
          • Customizing the email by adding client’s name in the subject line can keep them more engaged.
          • Create a successful marketing copy. This means that your message will reach your target audience.What is important for your copy:
          • Be short and impressive. Time is important for your audience. Do not waste it.
          • Being gentle and adding personal touch always plays a good role. At the end, you are talking to people with souls.
          • Something of value to your subscribers. That could be a content, something valuable that you promote and will help them.
          • The best calls to actions are short and clear. If you’ve got your copyright, then it should be a no-brainer for subscribers to click your link.




Focus on Email Marketing Design; Test and Track

Design matters and reveals the quality of your offer. The good design is a good balance between images and text. The next important thing is to make the design compliant with the mobile equipment it will be opened through.


Pushing the send button is just the first step in achieving email marketing success. To nail it, you better collect data and analyse it so as to improve future campaigns.

This means that you should test everything. Start with the design and layout. Then go through the email marketing copy, subject lines and calls to action. Send the test email several times to your mail and check it carefully.

It’s a good idea to track email analytics from your service provider. Check the opens, clicks, unsubscribes and forwards. This will enable you to figure out what’s working and what’s not with email marketing.



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