City Slickers Digital Strategy

About This Project

City Slickers were just entering the Bulgarian market. Their target groups were the newcomers and foreigners living in Sofia as they provided a large number of relocation services. We were well aware that the people they had to reach were entirely online. And they needed plenty of rich content. So, we built the comprehensive digital strategy of City Slickers and let the show begin.

On the exact day when we launched the website we developed for them, a huge interest from Bulgarian media appeared. We organized the participation of City Slickers in many TV and radio shows in the national and business media, as well as a dozen of articles in printed magazines, digital newspapers, and blogs.

Furthermore, we drafted the copy and designed a guide for foreigners making Sofia their new home. We also created City Slickers’ Blog containing useful information and advanced tips from the locals. Besides, we prepared monthly digital newsletter distributed to their clients. Last but not least, we developed their profiles in social media, and run campaigns in Facebook and Google.


City Slickers


Digital Strategy Development