About Us

Walora – Your Pathway to Excellence in Education!


Empowering Educators and Adult Learners


At Walora, we are your trusted partner in professional development and lifelong learning. We specialize in offering structured courses tailored to the exacting requirements of the EU and Erasmus+ programs. Our courses are designed to empower teachers and adult learners with the skills and knowledge needed
to excel in today’s dynamic educational landscape.


With a team of dedicated experts, we’re on a mission to fuel your curiosity, ignite your potential, and equip you with the skills needed to excel in the 21st century.

Diverse Course Offerings


Our curriculum spans a diverse array of topics essential for educators and lifelong learners. Dive into  courses on professional development, sustainability, digital literacy and competences, financial intelligence, entrepreneurship in education, and the democratic values of the EU. Whether you are looking to sharpen your professional edge, dive into the digital landscape, explore sustainable development, tackle the complexities of climate change or understand the realm of AI and its impact on modern education, we have got you covered.

Experienced Team


At Walora, we take pride in our experienced team of educators and experts. With a long history of working in the forefront of modern education’s most pressing challenges, we have an intimate understanding of the needs of teachers and learners. Our expertise extends from pre-school education to higher education, ensuring that we cater to all levels of the educational spectrum.


Join us at Walora in Vienna, Austria and embark on a transformative learning journey that will not only enrich your knowledge but also empower you to inspire and impact the next generation of learners. Your pursuit of excellence begins here!

  • 1. Analysis

    We analyse your brand in the web and weigh it against the competition. Differentiation and top-of-mind awareness are the main factors that shape our strategy.

  • 2. Content mgmt

    Content management is a key factor. Clearly defined and meaningful messages work best. Striking ones and the those that sell are even better.

  • 3. Monitoring

    We measure progress on daily basis. Both contributions by suppliers and our own work are adjusted accordingly.

  • 4. updating

    Always be ahead of the curve. We use the latest web trends and tools, as well as bleeding-edge techniques that sell.

  • 5. Feedback

    Feedback from clients, users, and partners is crucial for our mutual success. We use it to adjust our strategy on a regular basis.